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Stages of Plumbing Installation

Mar 10

plumbing installation in Chicago, ILAre you building a new home? If so, this guide about plumbing installation can be helpful. And because your home plumbing installation doesn't take place in just one go. This post will share with homeowners like you the three stages of plumbing installation in Chicago, IL. 

First Stage: Underground Rough-in Phase

This is where the real work begins when designing the plumbing system. In this stage, a plumber finds all the supply and waste lines from the building system to public utilities and determines where they enter and exit the building. Homebuilders plan out exactly where every pipe in the house is going to go, so all is set during plumbing installation in Chicago, IL. 

The drains will all be connected to the main service, and any basement bathrooms will need to be installed at this point.  Also, the main water line will need to be brought from the service to the area where the meter will eventually be placed. 

 During this step, the drywall isn't yet in place but the walls have already been framed up. 

Aboveground Rough-in Phase

As discussed previously, rough-in plumbing can be part of the groundwork. However, it isn't always the case. At the aboveground rough-in stage, you will have to install your drains, vent pipes, and water lines.

Additionally, you will need to install all of the bathtubs, showers, or shower bases you have going into your home. Any home improvement, basement development, or renovation needs to get this done. In the phase of plumbing installation in Chicago, IL, a plumber would do the following:

  • Make holes in ceilings, walls, or floors to attach or hang pipes for connection to fixtures
  • Assemble and install piping for a building's various supply and waste systems
  • Join pipe runs with welding tools or soldering equipment, or special chemicals for plastic pipes
  • Utilize power threading machines, propane torches, and other power tools


All of your gas lines will need to be installed before the drywall is put up. Rough-in plumbing always includes this, but if the plumber does not have a gas ticket, it can be left to another contractor.

Last but not least, make sure you have the plumber test everything before the walls are closed up.

Finishing Phase

At this stage of plumbing installation in Chicago, IL, the plumber installs fixtures such as showers, sinks, and toilet appliances like water purification systems, dishwashers, and water heaters. Additionally, they connect the fireplaces and other gas appliances, as well as install the water heater.

After each fixture has been installed, your plumber from Goode Plumbing should check for leaks on all fixtures and appliances. Plumbing professionals may also be called upon to install automatic controls that regulate pressurized pipe systems.

Tip: Install a clawfoot tub or freestanding tub during the finishing stage, not during the rough-in.  Do the same for showers that get slid into place.

Service And Maintenance

Plumbing systems must be periodically maintained and repaired no matter how well they are installed. Maintenance and service can even be considered the fourth phase of a plumbing project.

As part of service and maintenance, plumbers perform different tasks, such as these below:

  • Fix defective fixtures and components
  • Check lubrication levels and pumps, test gauges and meters
  • Regulate the flow and usage rate
  • Examine that the operating system is running smoothly

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While plumbing installation in Chicago, IL can be a huge project, you can create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams with careful planning and by hiring the right contractor, like Goode Plumbing.

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