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Bell City Mechanical - Pressure Washer Repair & Maintenance

Mar 21


Mobile High Pressure Washer Repair & Maintenance

Pressure washers have become incredibly useful for a lot of companies and can be their most trusted partner when it comes to cleaning. When the unthinkable happens and your pressure washer breaksdown, don’t let it turn into an expensive downtime. Contact the professionals at Bell City Mechanical and let our highly qualified technicians from Pressure Plus Mobile Service get your hot water pressure washers and cold water pressure washers back up and running. If you're looking to repair your hot water pressure washers in the Brantford, Kitchener, Hamilton and Burlington area, Pressure Plus can provide repairs for industrial areas, agricultural services, car lots and garages. We will get your equipment up and running for your next job.

Our Power Washer Repair Team Comes to You

We speciliaze in repairing stationary industrial cleaning systems with natural gas connections or electrical connections. Whether you have simple or complex venting and hundreds of feet of stainless water lines we can also help. No need to bring you equipment to us we come to you. If you need a reliable expert to service your on-site system whenever it breaks down or requires maintenance. If you need repairs to high pressure washers, stationary or mobile cleaning equipment of any kind, we have you covered.

We are pleased to provide the following pressure washer maintenance:

  • On-demand service calls

  • Parts and components

  • Repairs and installations

  • Preventative maintenance

Avoid Expensive Repairs with Preventative Maintenance on Your Power Washing System

Protect your equipment and your investment with scheduled maintenance inspections with one of our professionals. With regular maintenance, you can save money by preventing expensive repairs and downtime. Our skilled technicians will make sure your high pressure washer equipment is operating safely and at an optimum level. Each one of our scheduled maintenance calls checks the following:

  • Pump

  • Coil

  • Engine

  • Burner assembly

  • Electrical components

  • Natural gas components

We also check your guns, hose, reel, nozzle and various other components for any leaks and damage, extending the life of your power washer.

If you need  service for industrial cleaning equipment, or pressure washing equipment, get in touch with Bell City Mechanical and our Pressure Plus team today. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us.

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Give us a call or to learn more information visit our website and keep your downtime to a minimum.