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Jun 17

The Problems Oriental Rug Owners Make, and the Solution

It is an enjoyable experience to have a hand-crafted, elegant rug. There are many mistakes made by owners when it comes to caring for rugs. The most common mistake is thinking they can clean hand-woven carpets by themselves. While surface care is important, it does not allow for the beauty and charm of high-quality rugs to be revealed.

They become less attractive beneath a layer of dust and stain. Midland Master Carpet Cleaners, a professional Oriental rug cleaning Midland company, is essential to keep the hand-made rug design as vibrant and beautiful as it was when it was created. It is impossible to replicate processes such as odor-lifting soaks at home. It is important to remove common blemishes such as liquid spills, food spills, and pet stains.

Learn the History of the Rug

Are you unsure if your Oriental rug is Indo-Persian or Sino-Persian? Which type of Oriental rug is it? Kazak, Tabriz, Kashan? If you don't have the answers, you will miss out on the best parts of hand-woven rug ownership.

Importing a rug is more than just buying a floor covering. It's a piece of history. It is worth sharing the story behind each rug design. The information about a rug's financial impact is not only educational but also entertaining.

A rug from an antique owner's living area may be worth more than the owner thinks. It all depends on the place, how, and when a rug is made. It is easy to find out the basics of a carpet. Ask the technician about its history when the rug is being cleaned or repaired by a professional rug service. This is quite common. A professional Oriental rug cleaning service can help consumers learn about carpets.

Choosing an Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

You should consider the company's experience and past projects when choosing an Oriental rug cleaner for handmade rugs. Also, testimonials from previous customers are important. The best company will take a valuable rug and begin the inspection.

Each rug is unique. Each rug is identified by its year of manufacture and the yarn. The handling of pure silk rugs, 100 percent wool blends of silk and wool, silk, wool, cotton, and wool is different.

Rugs are checked for colorfastness, strength, and quality of dyes. The technician will need to determine the cause of the staining and the reason for the bleeding.

The Process

The cleaning service should be sensitive to Oriental rugs and heirlooms. The ultimate goal is to restore the carpet. The rug is collected and cleaned to restore its original beauty.

The factors listed above are used to determine the cleaning process. Each rug is thoroughly washed by hand. This involves several steps to ensure that the Oriental rug is free from any stains or spots.


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