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Five Must Have Plumbing Tools

Jul 9

must have plumbing tools

Here are five plumbing tools that you need: Pipe crimping tool, Long-nosed pliers, Pipe wrench, and auger. These are just a few of the items that you will need to help you fix a faucet. These tools can be invaluable when doing any type of repair or installation. If you're in the market for new plumbing tools, this is a great place to start. And, while you're at it, don't forget about the importance of a good soldering iron!

Pipe crimping tool

This must have plumbing tool is made of high-grade tempered tool steel on the handles, head, and hinge. Its compound hinge increases leverage, making it comfortable to use for long hours without strain. Its interchangeable crimping head rings are designed for different sizes of pipe. For your convenience, you can change the crimping ring as needed. Here are the benefits of using a pipe crimping tool:

This plumbing tool has several advantages. It allows you to make adjustments faster than a manual crimping tool. It can be used for PEX and PE-RT tubing. It comes in several different sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your specific needs. The handles should be closed when you reach a 90-degree angle. Test to see if the crimp is tight enough so that the stainless steel clamp ring does not release.

Long-nosed pliers

These pliers are indispensable for any plumber. They're shaped like a hammer and feature two thin handles with a pivot point and pincers on the end. When you need to remove a staple, these pliers can do the job just as well as any other type of tool. And they can even be used on tough angles that needle-nose pliers can't reach.

While they look simple enough, long-nosed pliers are extremely versatile tools that come in very useful sets. They are used for everything from cutting and bending wire to electrical work and network engineering. Their adjustable jaw width makes them the perfect tool for just about any job. You can even use them to shape wire! Whether you're a plumber or an electrician, long-nosed pliers are a must-have plumbing tool.

Pipe auger

When plumbing issues arise, a pipe auger can help you get to the root of the problem quickly. This tool is made up of a flexible stainless steel cable with a corkscrew tip that extends deep into a drain. A thumbscrew or handle attached to the auger can rotate the cable to get the clog out. When used correctly, a pipe auger can save you a lot of time and money over hiring a plumber.

A plumber's snake is another of the must-have plumbing tools. This simple tool can reach up to several feet in a drain. It's usually used for clogged sinks and toilets. The rubberized elbow prevents the auger from scratching the toilet bowl finish. Unlike a pipe auger, the plumber's snake can reach a distance, and it requires a high level of skill to work effectively on a clogged drain.

Pipe wrench

You should invest in a good pipe wrench. While you can purchase adjustable or standard wrenches at most hardware stores, a pipe wrench is an essential plumbing tool. You should consider purchasing a specialized wrench from a plumbing supply store if you need to work on larger pipe diameters. Pipe wrenches are extremely important tools because pipes are difficult to access. They are designed to cut through walls or tubes. These tools can be used for custom repairs or replacing pipes in your home. Pipe wrenches are quite dangerous, so always make sure to invest in a pipe wrench that is designed with safety in mind.

The pipe wrench is an essential plumbing tool for a homeowner's toolbox. While standard wrenches are useful for many jobs around the house, they are not as useful for plumbing projects. This is because water pipes do not have flat surfaces on which a standard wrench can grip. However, a pipe wrench has serrated jaws that bite into the pipe's metal surface. It also features a long handle that provides a good amount of torque for tightening and loosening fittings.

Nipple extractor

The Nipple Extractor is a multi-use tool for removing broken or cracked pipe nipples. This handy tool is made of heavy-duty steel and is ideal for removing pipe nipples from floors and walls. For easier use, the wrench is provided with an engraved sizing for ease of selection. This plumbing tool is perfect for plumbers who handle broken or cracked pipes frequently.

Often, plumbers work on hand tools and don't have heavy machinery to use for plumbing projects. A 1/2-inch Nipple Extractor is one of the essential plumbing tools in a plumber's toolbox. Its teeth hook on the inside walls of the pipe and catch on the grooves for a firm grip. Once the nipple extractor is inserted in the pipe, it releases the rest of the pipe and fitting and allows the plumber to proceed with the work.


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