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What is the difference between trench repair and sewer replacement?

Nov 30

It's likely that you're picturing a large mess that is caused by invasive digging when you're faced with sewer line repair. It's not something people want to see.


It might surprise you to learn that there is an alternative to cutting your lawn. The trenchless sewer repair and the advantages of using this service to fix your plumbing issues, read on.


What is trenchless sewer repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is a way of repairing and rebuilding sewer lines that do not require excavation or trenching. This is a good option since it is less invasive, efficient, more cost-effective, and quicker than conventional sewer repair methods.


Trenchless sewer repair is available in many flavors, both for commercial and residential properties.


The epoxy sets and forms an inflatable tube. To fix a leak in an existing sewer, the inflated tube is pressed against it in order to cure the epoxy. The tube is then able to be taken off.


Pipe bursting:


This is a trenchless method to replace the sewer line that is damaged. The replacement of a damaged pipe with a new one can be done by inserting a cone-shaped piece of pipe into the existing pipe and then cutting the old one.

Cracks and small holes can be fixed using pipe coating, avoiding further damage. Revolving brushes can be utilized to apply epoxy to the pipe via pipe coating equipment.


How can Trenchless Sewer Repair help?

A worker wearing a yellow vest is performing trenchless sewer repairs in front of the street.


1. It's easy and quick.

Conventional sewer line repair methods necessitate digging, which is expensive compared to trenchless repair alternatives. There is a reduction in time for business and private customers with trenchless repairs. Not having to carry water or relocate until the work is completed.


2. Efficiently

Trenchless sewage repairs cost less than traditional repairs since they don't require structural modifications such as the removal or modifications to walls. These repairs are much less costly than digging a trench. Instead of digging the entire trench, you will need to dig two smaller holes near the point of the sewer line.


Repairs can be accomplished quicker and at a lower cost because fewer personnel are needed, and physical effort is less. Additionally, it is possible to save money by not doing any damage to the landscaping.


Trenchless options can be more affordable than traditional sewer repair methods.


3. Intruder-Proof

When there's less digging, there is less environmental damage. Trenchless sewer repair comes with an additional benefit: There is no requirement for extensive landscaping.


Repairing damage to lawns and landscaping is drastically reduced, and there is no longer any need to worry about unattractive lawns that are tearing up.


4. Participation in the Natural Environment

Trenchless sewer repair comes with a significant advantage in its non-use of any hazardous equipment or processes.


The plumbing systems are connected by gas, gas, and water lines. There is no chance of causing damage to gas or sewage lines as well as contaminating the environment as a result of this method of streamlined.


5. Long-lasting repairs

Trenchless sewer line replacement and repair are just as efficient as traditional methods. It also complies with all industry standards. Since cured-in-place pipes and seamless PVC pipes do not corrode or rust, repairs will last a long time.


Sewer repair materials made of trenchless are able to last up to 100 years!


6. Sewer System Performance Is Improved

Tightening up the sewer system by trenchless repair can save money in the long run and improves its efficiency. For increased flow capacity, modern pipe liners and bigger pipes can be used to increase the efficiency of the flow.


Do I Qualify to Receive Trenchless Sewer Repair?

It is essential to take into consideration the general state of the damaged pipe, its depth of the pipe, its location, and the extent to which damage has occurred before deciding whether or not to utilize trenchless sewer repair. Trenchless sewer repair is not always the best choice.


The only way to tell whether trenchless sewer repair is correct is to speak with an expert in trenchless repair. Sewer line repair Trumbull CT services can assist you with all your plumbing requirements! Trenchless repair and drainage and sewer services are among our areas of expertise. The question of whether trenchless sewer repair is the most suitable option for your situation can be determined by consulting our experts.

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