Early Signs That You Need a Drain Line Repair

Are you tired of that foul smell from the sewer? Or the strange gurgling noises from your drains? All these could be signs that part of your sewer system is defective. Defective sewer lines can interfere with your home’s comfort. They can also be hazardous to our health. This is not to mention the high cost of repairing major drain damages.

However, the good news is that you can always avoid the huge repair costs by detecting the defects early before they grow into a major problem. This article outlines the early signs that you need a drain line repair.


Strange Smells Around Your Home 

Typically, a properly functioning drain line should keep the foul smell within itself. If you detect any foreign smell around your compound, it could imply a problem with your sewer system. Though it’s difficult to mistake the distinct smell from the sewer system, sometimes it can smell musty or like mildew during the early stages. In essence, you should call a sewer surgeon if you detect any off-putting smell around your place.


Gurgling Noises in the Toilet 

Every toilet makes a foghorn noise every time you flush it. However, it should not make any noise when not in use. The gurgling or bubbling noises in your toilet bowl are an indication of a damaged sewer.

The noises happen when the flushed toilet water finds a clog in the sewer line, inhibiting its flow. Since it can continue into the sewer system, it ends up being pushed back.

As it flows back, the water carries all sorts of bacteria from the sewer line that may cause serious health issues. It is thus essential to maintain high hygienic standards to avoid these infections. Also, you should call a professional plumber to remove the clog as soon as you notice the gurgling sounds.


Slow or Unresponsive Drains

Another sign that you need a drain line repair is the presence of slow or unresponsive drains. If you notice any unresponsive drains and cannot remove the clog, do not hesitate to call a sewer surgeon. Why should you call them?

This is because a qualified plumber has the expertise and the right tools to determine the type of blockage that your system may have. For instance, they may use their cameras to identify the problem. It will be easy to solve a problem once identified.


The Lawn Is Super Green

The experience of living in an evergreen compound is excellent for almost everyone. It adds the value of a home. However, if you notice that some patches on your loan are greener than others and have more plants popping up without any added fertilizer or irrigation, it could imply something wrong happening underground.

Sewage does magic the plant’s health, and the greener patches could imply a leakage in the sewer line. The leakages in a sewer line may result from broken or clogged drains. You should call a sewer surgeon as you notice any greener patches on your lawn.



Though the drain line damages are inevitable, you can reduce the huge repair costs by detecting minor defects as they occur. Detecting the defects early will cut down the maintenance costs and help you revert to your home comfort.

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