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How To Sell Your House in 7 Days or Max 30 Days

Oct 27


Step one is to make your house as clean and presentable as possible. This makes it much more attractive to potential buyers, which will help sell the property faster. Make sure you shampoo carpets, clean windows inside and out (especially if they are ground-floor level), empty flowerbeds of weeds, trim hedges/trees that may be in front of the home or blocking a clear view through the doorway from outside to provide an overview of what’s on offer within. In addition, paint any obvious areas with peeling paint where necessary (perhaps consider investing in some professional painting for this). Throw away or recycle things like old towels leftover from last holiday season when nobody was buying them anyway – these should not be lying,


If you're thinking about selling your home, it's important to know what things to fix up before putting it on the market. There are a few different items that should be addressed when preparing your house for sale, some of these items include any personal touches or updates you've made over time, and others are more practical such as making sure there aren't any problems with the plumbing or electricals.

Paint the walls with a neutral color. This will make your house look like it just got a fresh coat of paint and makes rooms feel bigger without adding expensive upgrades such as new furniture, lighting fixtures, or flooring.

This is especially important when selling to an older demographic who are skeptical about buying houses that have been painted in bright colors before they were old enough to purchase them themselves. Neutral tones also help buyers imagine their furnishings and style more easily within the space you want them to see most often: the kitchen, living area, and bedroom. It's always better for potential customers if you show off what feels best about your home instead of making changes for their benefit only!

Clean and organize closets. Declutter closets and cabinets. Sort through clothing that is no longer needed or wanted, then donate, sell at a consignment store, or throw away. Take the opportunity to make any necessary repairs as well - paint walls/doors if they need it; fix an unhinged doorknob with screws and pliers; replace light bulbs in ceiling fixtures. Clean the inside of all drawers (including those on top). Empty them before wiping down both sides of each drawer and putting everything back neatly. Vacuum carpets thoroughly so there are no large bits of debris left behind when potential buyers walk through your house.

Fix leaky faucets and broken appliances. Let the buyer inspect all of their favorite rooms in your house, including closets, storage spaces, garages, or sheds for storing lawn equipment, and attics. Remove anything that might be a deal-breaker like old paint cans containing lead-based paint or chemicals not allowed by law to store in the home."

Make sure you fix any leaking faucets before getting ready to sell them; try replacing them with new ones if they are beyond repair. You should also get rid of any broken household appliance as this may turn potential buyers away from buying your property because they will have an idea of what kind of upkeep is required when owning the dwelling. Since buyers will be inspecting your home when it's on the market, you'll want to get any leaky faucets or broken appliances fixed. You’ll also need to make sure that all of the items in your house are in working order and not damaged by pests.


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