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How Water Damage Restoration Works

Sep 1

Water damage restoration in Columbus, OH  is an important and complex process. For this reason, you need to choose a company Columbus that follows the standard procedure to ensure the best outcome. 

Step one- call a restoration company.

The first step of a water damage restoration Columbus process is to call an emergency dispatch from a water damage restoration Columbus company like iDry Columbus - Water Damage Cleanup, who can arrive at the scene fast. Our call center crew is accessible for you 24 hours and seven days a week.

Step two-water damage inspection

One of the well-trained crew members will come to look at the extent of the water damage to Columbus. Note that the water damage contractor will be working with your insurer to handle logistics. 

Step three- water mitigation

This process starts almost immediately. The experts will first stop the water source and ensure that all the natural properties are protected from water damage Columbus

Step four-water extraction

The professionals will extract water from your home. The team utilizes industry-standard products and equipment to ensure no water is left in furniture, carpets, ceilings, and walls. 

Step five-clean and repair services

Besides replacing all the water-damaged properties, the water removal Columbus company will restore them to their original condition. At this stage, the experts will also do repairs to the house and take the required steps to remove and prevent mold Columbus growth. 

Step six-structural drying

After all, water has been extracted, the team will utilize and monitor humidity to eliminate the moisture. This is to prevent further water damage to Columbus like warped walls and floors. 

Step seven- restoration and remodeling

At this point, the repair crew will handle the final repairs to the house, both minor and major. This is the last step to getting the house back to its original state.  

24/7 water damage restoration solutions

Basement water damage Columbus caused by seeping water is pervasive, progressive and it can lead to permanent damage to your belongings. This will happen if the emergency response doesn’t arrive fast. If you have a flooded basement or ceiling water damage Columbus, it's essential to contact the contractor immediately. This means the water mitigation procedure will start immediately to stop further damage.

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