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Septic Pumping

Jul 8

Septic Pumping

Many people do not realize that septic systems are so common in America. In fact, there are more than 60 million Americans served by septic systems- 26 million homes out of all the homes in America. Septic pumping is a vital service for any home with a septic system, and it should be done on an annual basis to prevent many costly repairs down the road.

A pipe collects all the home’s wastewater and transfers it to an underground, concrete or plastic tank for treatment. The septic system’s bacteria breaks down the sewage and organic matter, producing effluent that has been cleaned of pathogens. Septic systems should be pumped out every year so they do not overflow which could lead to expensive repairs or replacements (in some cases).

1. What is septic pumping and why do I need it done regularly?

A septic system is a type of on-site sewage facility that treats wastewater by separating the solid and liquid portions. A septic tank collects solids, while allowing liquids to filter through into leach fields or other systems for treatment before releasing it back into the environment. Over time, sludge accumulates in the bottom of tanks leading to a variety of problems, including increased risk for ground water contamination and the possibility that sewage could back up into your home.

2. How often should you have your septic pumped?

When septic systems are healthy, they can collect wastewater from households for periods of up to five years. However this time frame varies depending on the size and use of your tank. It should be done at least once every year or two because it's a good way to prevent costly repairs down the road.

3. What are the signs that show you need to get your septic pumped?

You will need to have your septic tank pumped when sludge accumulates at the bottom of your tank, when it becomes difficult to flush toilets or drains and backup water is present. If you are experiencing any of these signs then a septic pumping will be necessary.

4. Should you buy a house with a septic system?

Before buying a house with a septic system, it's important to understand the condition and history of the septic tank. If you are considering purchasing a new home with a septic system then ask what type of pump and how often they have been pumping their tanks.

In conclusion:

At the Sewer Surgeon a professional can come out on an annual basis to pump your septic tank so that you don't have any unnecessary problems with your system. You can even do it yourself, but you will need the right equipment and a lot of time.

Do it yourself septic pumping:

- Clear the area of all plants and trees, this could prevent any damage to your septic system.

- Gather a helper who will help you position yourself comfortably over the tank opening in order to pump out liquids that are inside while holding down the rod on one end with both hands (pumping action). The helper needs to keep the other end of the rod in place.

- When finished, make sure to replace any cover for your system and then get back on solid ground.