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Why You Need A Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

Jul 8

When shifting from septic tank to a sewer line system, you will start by analyzing whether a sewer network is near your place. The same case applies when you intend to install sewer drains in a new home. Furthermore, you will first identify a problem to solve when doing sewer line maintenance.

The above preliminary processes would be costly and tiresome when done using the exploratory digging method. Luckily, the new sewer line camera inspection technology has increased efficiency in executing different sewer operations. Below are various benefits you can get from using a sewer line camera inspection.

  • They Provide More Accurate Information


When doing sewer system maintenance, the cameras can provide more accurate information about any underlying problem. For instance, it can identify the location and the number of old and defective drains that need replacement. Additionally, the sewer line camera inspection will determine the area and the status of any clogs in the system to aid the plumbers in repairing the system.

The camera technology comes with more convenience. With it, you don't have to look for underlying problems using the trial and error digging method. If you must dig, then you will dig on the exact location of the defective drains.

  • They Help In Home Planning


Assume a scenario where you intend to construct a new home in your newly acquired land. Or you want to extend part of your house. Since you can't build a permanent building on top of sewer drains, you will need to identify the drains first to guide your planning. This will only be effective with a sewer line camera inspection.

Besides guiding the new house's placement, the information will provide the exact location where you can connect the sewer drains from the new home.

  • They Give Peace of Mind


With the trial and error digging method, homeowners could rarely inspect their systems for maintenance since digging is very tiresome. As such, they lived under fear that their systems could block any time and call for an urgent need for cash.

However, the newly introduced sewer line cameras have swept away that fear and uncertainty as the homeowners can use the cameras to identify sewer system defects at their minor stages. As such, they can avoid sewer-related problems before they reach their critical stages. This saves them a lot of money and time resources.

  • They Assist Technicians


With the new sewer inspection cameras, the Sewer Surgeon can quickly identify underlying problems in a sewer system. And then analyze the problem to come with the most effective solutions for them. This has indirectly increased their earnings as they can tackle more tasks than they could with the trial and error technique.



The sewer line camera inspection technology has ultimately benefited everyone. Homeowners can easily identify underlying problems in their sewer lines in advance and take corrective action. That implies that the foul smell that most defective sewer drains emit will soon be a story of the past, and people will live more comfortably than ever before.